Friday, April 29, 2011

Retail Design.

The first piece of assessment for third year interior was a retail design. The brief asked us to design either an eyewear store, bookstore or show store, of which i chose eyewear. In current society shoppers are less inclined to actually venture to a shopping centre, rather choosing to buy garments online. With this in mind, the challenge of designing the retail space was to create an experience for the shopper, making them want to go to the eyewear shop for how it makes them feel rather than the product they need to purchase. The concept behind the eyewear store is illusion, based on the idea that glasses are no longer predominantly used as a visionary aid rather an object that creates a multitude of illusions within society. They hide peoples identity, they taint the way the world is viewed, prescription glasses are often misused to give the perception of intelligence or other related connotations and they create a false depiction of the person. From this the design of the space uses reflective materials and overpowering forms to manipulate the way the user feels and overwhelm them with fragmented images of themselves, forcing them to confront their identity.

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